First and foremost, original.

Fresh ideas are the foundation of our studio. Our original shows have garnered over 80 million views and listens. It's safe to say, audiences like our work.


In partnership with global podcast giant CastBox, we're very excited to present a new podcast series This Sounds Serious.  The Case of Daniel Bronstadt is a comedic take on the mystery and crime genre that is both gripping and hilarious. The series has garnered over 1.5 million listens and is available through CastBox, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and iHeart Radio. 


Now in it's ninth season, This is That is a satirical news program, and heard by millions of listeners each week on CBC Radio One. 


This is That videos are a recent extension of the project. They have garnered millions of views since 2015. 


Both streams of This is That have won multiple awards and received media coverage. 


Road Trip Radio is a thirteen-part family friendly podcast celebrating the magic of summertime adventures, combining elements of documentary, comedy and more. The show is a new way for the entire family to connect - to be curious, laugh together and discover more about the places they travel.


During the summer of 2017, Road Trip Radio ranked #1 on Canadian Apple Podcast charts for Kids & Family. 


In collaboration with Panoply, one of America's top podcasting networks, Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You is a parody of self-help podcasting. 


This new show has been downloaded over 200,000 times. Ready to have your life changed forever? Listen now. 



This short documentary, created in 2016, showcases Kelly&Kelly's profile style and non-fiction storytelling approach. 


In a time when people had no idea what a computer was, a man risked it all to open a store and sell the first personal computer.


Coming in 2019 this podcast project shares true stories from real people about how seminal albums have impacted their lives. 


Episodes are recorded live at sold out events and have explored

Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, Janet Jackson's Control, Radiohead's OK Computer and many more. 


Human People is a TV series that’s different from anything on the comedy landscape right now. It takes the format of an elevated doc series like Humans Of New York or the iconic This American Life and turns it on its head. Ask us more about this if you're curious!


Do you have an original idea you'd like to pitch us? Get in touch.