First and foremost, original.

Fresh ideas are the foundation of our studio. Our work has garnered over 80 million views and listens.  Develop something original.


A fiction podcast, this comedic homage to true crime storytelling plays with familiar styles, tones, and tropes of popular crime podcasts and Netflix documentaries. With over 3 million downloads and rated by Apple Podcasts as one the ‘Best Podcasts of 2018’, This Sounds Serious enters its second season.


A series of fictional shorts that take the format of an elevated doc series like Humans Of New York or the iconic This American Life and turns it on its head. This is a comedy show, but it’s not parody- Human People explores real human emotions and stories, while serving up smart deadpan humor at every turn.


Created in collaboration with comedian Peter Oldring, Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You is a satirical podcast about an under-qualified, overconfident, lifestyle entrepreneur. The show is a parody of self-help podcasting and has been downloaded over 500,000 times. Give Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You 20 minutes a week and he will change your life. Or better yet, call him at 1-800-JOY-DEXTER


Comedian Celeste Barber is a global sensation with over 5 Million followers on Instagram. When starting her podcast she approached Kelly&Kelly to produce a show that could move past the red carpet and manicured Instagram feeds. The result is a show that drops people into hilarious and relatable conversations with some of the world’s biggest celebrities. Celeste & Her Best, are the best.


A thirteen-part family friendly podcast celebrating the magic of summertime adventures, combining elements of documentary and comedy. The show was created to inspire families to connect - to be curious, laugh together and discover more about the places they travel. During the summer of 2017, Road Trip Radio ranked #1 on the Apple Podcast charts for Kids & Family.


This short documentary, created in 2016, showcases Kelly&Kelly's approach to non-fiction storytelling. It’s also required viewing if you want to know more about our founder’s family. Many audio-video companion projects are on the horizon for Kelly&Kelly.


The satirical news radio program began airing nationally on CBC Radio One in 2010. Over the course of its run, This is That has won multiple awards and received media attention from around the world. This is That Videos - an extension of the project, continue to garner millions of views and fool thousands. The show wrapped in January 2019 after a sold out national tour presented by Live Nation.


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